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I'd like to thank God for his grace and his love and his mercy through this year he has supplied all of our needs I think God for great health and prosperity I think him for greater sensitivity to his voice and his promptings that the fruits of the spirit may be increasingly displayed in our lives

Leonard, Lee
Rhode Island , United States

My heart is filled with SO many Testimonies unto our God. 2015 ended with many serious illnesses and surgeries in my family --my beloved daughter-in-law Willynn, my cousin Minister Martin, my cousin Rev Angela Bowman. But ALL are NOW HEALED completely through Adonai Rapha! ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Melodie, L Thonpson
Rhode Island , Unted States

A little over 20 years both my brother and I migrated to the united States... He lives in quincy Ma..Over the years we drifted apart, I try to reach out on many occasions no response. I prayed for years ,Finally I got a call that he wants to re- connect. Thanks to the Lord for answering prayers

Conroy w Outar
Rhode Island , United States

Thank your for your consistent prayers for my husband. There is still cancer in his neck, but the last scans showed very, very little growth over a year. I believe your prayers are keeping the enemy's destruction at bay. And his spine is holding up fine!

Melodie L. Thompson
Rhode Island , United States

I want to give Glory to GOD, I want all to know the change in my life, the lord has been working, I'm gaining inner peace daily,I have an Issue with anger, that is a work in Progress but overall it is much better than what it has been before I accepted our Lord into my heart as my Savior. Be Blessed

Latoyua Martin
Rhode Island , United States